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Through 42 years of establishment and growth, BUHEUNG KOREA has had continuous improvement in designing, supporting and developing health care equipment. BUHEUNG KOREA was established in December, 1980 in Seoul. Through years of development until now, BUHEUNG KOREA has been in 33 countries globally with high quality, modern products fit with each and every customer.

Along with the talented, youthful team of designers and engineers, full of creativity and energy, hardworking and eager to learn, is the team of experienced experts of healthcare. We all proudly contributed in the process of manufacturing and bringing to our customers the top quality healthcare equipment with professional, modern and sophisticated designs leaving a deep and profound impression to customers thereby enhancing the health of our customers through time.

In addition, we are also a health consultant through our massage chair products. Customers can test out our product and give feedback for us to improve to meet distinct and diverse needs from customers.

With the mission of bringing a healthy and joyful life, BUHEUNG KOREA pioneers in researching and developing smart products, helping customers to access comprehensive healthcare solutions.

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Customer is the fundamental value of each and every business. Customer is the only reason for the enterprise to exist and develop. The “customer-centric” strategy is the guidance for all activities within a company.

We listen, analyze and understand the needs of each individual customer and apply our experience, skills, and knowledge to optimize the solution for that need, helping the enterprise to focus on their core business activities. Each customer is a stepping stone to build up the value of the company.

Từng chi tiết trong một sản phẩm của ghế massage đều được tỉ mỉ chế tạo
Every detail of the massage chair is meticulously crafted

Through many years, we have been continuously working to meet the expectations of our customers. Our healthcare equipment products are more modern, delicate and functional day by day. Health is an extremely important element in life therefore we always want our customers to have the best health to achieve their dreams and goals. Your happiness is also our happiness.

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Certificates showing Buheung Korea as a qualified massage chair brand

“Chúng tôi, BUHEUNG KOREA cam kết sẽ mang lại những giá trị tuyệt vời nhất về sức khỏe và thể chất cho toàn thể Quý khách hàng thân yêu. Tất cả cho một cuộc sống tốt đẹp hơn”

“Through 42 years of establishment and growth, until now BUHEUNG KOREA has been all over the world, with a hope to bring the most fundamental values of health to everyone.”

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